Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal -Yves Saint Laurent

All though i will never have the confidence or probably a nice looking bald head to ever go this far with my hair, i do believe it is Inspiring to see BEAUTIFUL! girls challenge the boundary’s of feminism! I have to say that these girls look amazing, I’m certainly not saying “Go get the clippers” but there is a certain enviable thing about these women which i can’t put my finger on. Confidence? Bravery? or the edge to stand out from the crowd of girl’s these days covered in bad weaves and too-long clip ins. Its Very Refreshing to know that in this day and age We are thinking more about “What Is Beautiful?” rather than “What does society say is Beautiful?”
You never Know it could be on my bucket list one Day!

Rachellauren xx

.p.s. I forgot to tell you about a beautiful girl called Talia that i found while wasting time on YouTube! as we all do! Anyway Talia is a beautiful 12 year old who suffers from cancer but has amazing confidence and make-up skills that blow me away and could trump a professional make-up artist any day!

Look her up and be Inspired http://www.youtube.com/user/taliajoy18

My Favorite Look: New Years Eve!


The last year I have noticed the growing amount of girls with shaved heads. I think it looks really cool. It add´s a big edge to the look which i think complimented fx Natalie Portman a lot. She is ofcourse always gorgeous no matter what she does with her hair, but sometimes a little too “pretty” for my taste. I think it takes a little something extra to dare shaving your head as a woman. To many people hair is a huge symbol of femininity & Hollywood is filled with women that think you can´t get enough hair so they add extensions. I have no problem with that though I just think it´s refreshing the other way around. I found some pictures of women who looks great with shaved heads.

Model Alek Wek-I think she is so beautiful & I love her name so much that I tried to…

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The River Runs Cold.

          Target Dress, Novo Wedges and my ever trusty Guess watch!

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the gap in posts recently,

My laptop once again has decided to hate me, as much as all of my other technological bits and pieces I own! Yes I got angry and thought about throwing it into a wall, but I’m sure everyone has those moments!

In the end all it needed was Three deep breaths, some intense Google-ing, a couple more deep breaths  and thirty seconds to download Firefox and I have to tell you, I’m kinda loving my laptop sans Internet Explorer, If you haven’t got it, go get it, Now!

Okay well, before this turns into a Blog filled with all geeky computer things, I’ll stop talking about my issues with technology.

These photos were taken in the mere seconds before it started to storm and I have to confess it was pretty freezing hence the name “The River Runs Cold”

But i have to admit it was fun shoot them i was also very ambitious wanting get out to a rock only a foot out of my reach, Safety comes first!

This look was an absolute bargain!!!

The dress was 75% off and as always out of my cheap buys it only needed a few stitches here and there to be a perfect fit! My shoes were a third of the price mainly because they had one pair left, which miraculously were my size for once! and the Guess Watch i got from my sister as a gift, Thanks, So altogether this look only cost me $40! I told you it was good!

Looking back on the photo’s, plain pumps may have suited better,

but fashions come all because of someone’s experimentation!

A Dare To Dream!

Enjoy The Rest of the week,

Rachellauren : )

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Eyes Wide Open.

Supre Skirt,  Supre Top and Novo shoes

I Know, I Know,

 That if  you know me you would have already remembered that sometimes I am not a big fan of Supre’s clothing, but these two pieces caught my eye somehow. The floatyness of each piece sort of ties it all together. Sadly I  don’t get to wear this skirt as much as I would like due to its length at the back because instead of floating it usually just drag’s along the ground sometimes resulting in frustration and unnecessary stumbling.  I Also got my hair cut a few days ago not that you could probably notice because it hasn’t been straightened today it has just fallen into its natural Curl/Wave but, I have to say, It’s a relief to finally have something a little different! minus the wispy dead ends that had been sitting there for a good six months! My Advice, have your hair tidied up regularly it really makes the difference between hair that feels amazing and hair that doesn’t.

And as you can see we are back to my favourite place to take photo’s, isn’t it pretty : )

Lot’s of Love,

Rachel x

.p.s. If you were wondering about the post title, it’s the song that I am listening to at the current moment. If you haven’t heard it, it’s from “The Hunger Games” soundtrack. Check it out on YouTube.

Thank You to my sister Belinda for taking these photo’s, we’ve become blogging buddies ; )

I Promise these are more comfortable than they seem.

I also just had to add these last pair because, well, words can’t describe them



Aren’t they cute??

 Conventional No, Pretty Hella Yes!

I am pretty dead set on the first pair and am planing on purchasing them in the somewhere near future.  So next time I post I may just be wearing those little beauties, actually I came fairly close to purchasing a pair yesterday although the smallest I could get was a 7.5 and im a size 5 -6 and as I said before They are more comfortable than they seem even in a seven and a half I was prancing around the store like a kid on christmas eve. with a platform that high it makes a 5 inch heel seem like a 2 inch heel. which if your someone like me who is quite short compared to my friends and needs a little bit of height!

 seeing eye to eye with everybody is a huge blessing, Not just looking up at their chin, Trust me!

Lots of Love Everybody

Dont Forget to Dance!

Rachellauren xx

Maybe next time you see me I might be 5 inches taller…………

All you need is COLOUR.

Hey Guys,

How is everybody? Did anyone do anything exciting on the weekend?

I believe that all you need is colour, well maybe not, but outfit wise why yes of course they can make you feel and look amazing! (who doesn’t like bright colours?) anyways on the weekend I purchased a pair of electric blue shoes with a little heel making them awesome to run, jump, skip around in, just a perfect height really! see photos below

Supre Top, Supre Skirt, Rubi Blue Shoes

 Are you loving them as much as me? I am!

 I can’t wait to see what they look like with a white dress and possibly a big hat. I will have to post that next time.

Anyone watching the swimming? I’m a big fan!

Lots of Love x


.p.s. almost forgot to mention the opening of Saveus at 100 squared in Sydney so if you’re a Sydney sider

 check it out!

.p.s.s. I’ve been feeling very uninspired with my hair lately, any ideas?

Old Hollywood Glamour.



Factorie Skater Dress, Voodoo Doll Glasses, Scarlet Liquid Eye Liner, BYS Lipstick in Devil In Disguise and BYS Powder In Light to Medium

Winged Eyes, Red Shiny Lips , Intricate Hair and Sophisticated Silk Garments are almost an Definition for Old Hollywood Glamour, An Era that I adore Involving such things as Big Faux Fur Coats!

I also love the effect winged eyes and red lipstick on skin as pale as mine, I’m also so excited i discovered how do this hairstyle after about an hour of experimenting myself. I must do a tutorial for you all one day!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately : ( I’ve had so much homework i haven’t had time to blink.

Dream , Dream , Dream

Rachellauren x

All This Glamour talk i realised i forgot to talk the Oscars, Angelia Jolie’s Right Leg and the many parody’s that have followed it.


This is Melbourne.

CKM dress, Femme Connection shoes and my beloved Kate hill bag.

I Just wanted to quickly show you this outfit I wore last week when I went out for dinner in beautiful Melbourne and forgot to share with you. First of all This is probably one of the cheapest dresses I own and strangely enough its one of the ones I wear most when going out I just love the vintage floral detailing through it, I got for around $5 because it was the last size left but after few alterations you couldn’t tell the difference. The greatness of technology these days!

Secondly,I am in love with these shoes because they are amazingly comfy compared to similar shoes I have worn in the past. I also have a thing for cut-out detailing.

Sorry for the short post I am using the desktop for once and I have no idea what I’m doing.

Dont stop believing!

Rachellauren x

Autumn Forecast.

Supre Floral Top, Forever New Shorts, BlueBird bag.

Today I thought I would make it simple, I mean fashion doesn’t Always have to be complicated to look good! Sometimes yes, most of the time no. I also have to confess that I adore black and white photography its beautiful and simplistic at the same time.

Anyways I also wanted to discuss the autumn forecast e.g what you’re going to see a lot of this autumn.


As Usual Floral’s are on the cards this autumn so think free-flowing sheer vintage inspired pieces, remember more is less! Team a Floral dress with a white long line blazer or a sheer top with high-waisted shorts.

Also this year I believe burnt oranges and browns will come into play also, which will be pretty.


Think vintage or vintage inspired leather satchel bags and structured bags with interesting detail. Think shops such as Fossil Their Collections are made up of hardy vintage leathers and quirky designs which are always on trend.


This Autumn Ankle boots in browns with small chunky heels or flats think military x work. Also Lofas ( yes those little Nanna shoes) in every colour have started hitting our stores already.

Sorry for the brief post today, I promise some more tomorrow : )

Keep being amazing

Rachellauren x

Noir Glamour

Image from Shinebythree.com

Image from aprilialove.com

Mui Mui Noir Sunglasses

Is The Name of My new favourite Item!

Screw the sparkly Louboutions


 Well don’t screw the idea completely. I’m still in love with them, Trust me!

I’ve just decided to  put it on hold for a little while, well I guess a long while.

Back to the Glasses, shall we?

 These sunglasses from the Mui Mui  fall 2011 collection and are absolutely gorgeous! And are Inspired by the 1940’s. The quirky frames come in glamorous colours and with antique-esque metal pieces, they take your breath away with every glance,

Sadly there is always going to be a down side, I can’t afford these until june! (if my maths is correct, it usually isn’t.)

At $390 @ Sunglasses Hut, or  $270 online @ Vision Direct These are an exxy item! But these glasses have that Wow Factor That most high price items I like have, You know first world problems…

The Nice lady at Sunglasses Hut Today called them high-end fashion , That made me excited ^.^

I think its fair to say I have a problem with pretty, sparkly things…

120 days to go!

Cant wait to share them with you guys !

Rachellauren x



Thanks To Whitner these brilliant shoes were made,

And thanks to someone at a market i went to recently i scored these for $10 

 and i dont think they have even been worn yet!

These shoes i will be wearing constantly from now on!

Did I Tell you my fund for louboutions has started yet?

Total In The Tin: $0.05

its all about little steps along the way : )

Lots of Love

Rachellauren x

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